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This site is restored for use in Professor Sam Dell's courses Marketing Digital Products and Licensing As A Business Model. Dr. Dell is a principal in FLight, the digital marketing agency and was responsible for bringing Jeff Fink onboard. Fink/Dell produced the viral hit "Dog The Wag" for GoodNightDog.com, the dog beds store. The retailer offers luxury round pillow dog beds created with fashionably styled fabrics and sells to the upscale dog owner - these beds often end up permanently in the living room. Dr. Dell is also guiding a private licensing enterprise, where digital products only exist on computers, and the uses are monetized via licensing agreements. He shares what he's learned from his licensing project in these courses.

In 2010 Picture History offered license digital images illustrating more than two hundred years of American history. You could browse by category, decade, photographer or by anniversary.


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The content below is from the site’s 2010 archived pages giving just a brief look at what the site use to offer its visitors. Images are no longer available in this iteration of the site. Please peruse for only historical purposes.

About Picture History

Picture History is an on-line archive of images illustrating more than 200 years of American history. High resolution images are available for professional licensing. Framed and unframed photographs are available for sale at the Print Shop. Included in its holdings are the Picture History Collection, the Meserve-Kunhardt Collection, and the Gordon Parks Collection.

The Picture History Collection includes 18th, 19th, and 20th century images. It specializes in American Presidents, the White House, and the iconic people, scenes, and events that tell the story of American history.

The Meserve-Kunhardt Collection includes 19th and early 20th century photography. It is known for its holdings on Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, including not only scenes but the officers of both the Union and Confederate army and navy. It's holdings include coverage of the theater, the world of PT Barnum, early New York City and Washington DC, Native Americans, African Americans, artists, writers, journalists, clergy, scientists, and a large collection of notable 19th century American women.

The Gordon Parks Collection includes the life work of one of the 20th century's best known photojournalists. His images cover a broad range of subject that serve as distinct markers in American history. (Coming Soon)

Frequently Asked Questions


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A: Go to the My Account page after logging in to the site and click "edit login information".

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A: Click on the shopping cart icon  underneath the image on either the search results page, product page or in the lightbox.

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Q: How do I send an e-card of an image?
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Q: How do I download an image I licensed?
A: Once you have completed the checkout process, your high-resolution, digital images will be available immediately for download from your My Account page. The My Account page will display the image's Item #, its title, its file size, and the download expiration date (downloads are available for two weeks from the date of purchase). Simply click on an image's title to begin the download process. You will be asked to select a download location. The image will be delivered to you as a jpeg. Please remember to check the image's file size before you begin downloading, so you can get an approximate idea of how long the download will take.

Q: How do I download an image without the Picture History watermark?
A: You must purchase a license for an image in order to download the image without a watermark. Create an account, send the image to your Cart, and select the license rights you will need for the image(s). After you have priced the image(s) click the checkout button and follow the directions. Your image will be available for download without a watermark on the My Account page once your order has been processed. If you would like to purchase a print of the image(s), please visit the Picture History Print Shop.